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If your commercial or industrial setting includes confined spaces such as tanks, tank cars, manholes, accessible sewer lines/work spaces, and similar locations, chances are you’ve already talked with one of the explosion proof lighting suppliers. If you haven’t taken this important step, you might want to give the subject serious consideration.

Workers and rescue personnel are at risk for major injury and death when specific lighting fixtures aren’t used in confined spaces and other hazardous locations. You’d we wise to start learning more about this safety issue by asking if explosion proof LED lighting is required by law where you live and work.

Classic Lighting?

Traditional lighting not provided by explosion proof lighting suppliers could be the source of explosion if it ignites vapors, dust particles, combustible gas, or air-borne fibers. This hazard exists in the petrochemical industry, in the textile industry, in oil and gas locations, and in agriculture, unless the right type of lighting is used.

When you work with experienced and trusted explosion proof lighting suppliers, you get LED lights designed to isolate potential spark sources. The manufacturer uses safe housing material and careful attention to design details to reduce or eliminate spark sources. One important detail – “explosion proof” doesn’t mean the lighting source will not spark. It means the areas susceptible to spark are isolated in explosion-proof casings, boxes etc. to contain ignition and prevent problems outside the unit.

As you plan your lighting upgrade or installation, you might also consider these other benefits.

  • Explosion-proof LED fixtures are highly resistant to breakage, bumping, and vibration
  • Because they’re LED fixtures, you also benefit from highly efficient lighting, using about 80% to 90% of the electrical energy for light. Very little is lost to heat, which is a problem with traditional bulbs
  • You also save on maintenance and replacement costs, as each unit delivers thousands of hours of worry-free operation

It’s an Investment

When you talk with a representative, you’ll find explosion proof lighting suppliers are a good place to invest your operating funds. Almost every quality LED light fixture will deliver 50,000 hours of lighting. Some will give you even more service, up to 100,000 hours. Not only will you be placing the safest type of lighting in hazardous areas and busy work locations, you will benefit from bright-but-comfortable lighting levels and efficiency beyond compare.

You can select from an inventory of fixtures when you buy from one of the leading explosion proof lighting suppliers. When you need a spot light, down light, or tunnel light for a hazardous location, you not only have peace of mind knowing you’ve provided the safest lighting available, your company will benefit from lamps that deliver as much as 150,000 hours of service.

Talk with your representative about surface-mount and pendant installation options, and the benefit of narrow and wide optics for consistent illumination. Standard warranties of five years are offered, with 10-year option. Choose explosion-proof LED fixtures for the ultimate in safety and cost-efficiency. You’ll be glad you did.

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