olar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light

Why Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light is Best Security Solution? Leave a comment

A switch and a bulb age is gone like an old story now.

It is a smart era, Humanity has finally recognized the importance of reusable energy and adopting it in every possible way. Just using green energy resource is not enough we have to be smarter. Human mind is capable of gaining maximum from minimum. Every invention that we see in market retain its place and stay in shelves only if it is smart. Same is with Flood lighting. Traditionally used flood lights have been replaced by LED lights and this transformation has opened doors to more inventions and has facilitated the community more effectively.  Combined with one of the greatest inventions of this century that is solar energy and the motion sensor it becomes an ultimate choice in terms of flexibility, dependability and cost effectiveness. Solar powered motion sensor

LED flood light as its name combining 3 scientific inventions in 1 unit make it more beneficial for security:

6 Benefits of attaching motion sensor and solar energy

  • For security concerns it is like a lighting camouflage. Consider a situation where a criminal mind is trying to hide in the dark area. He has not a clue that he has been monitored by a sensor. As soon as he gets in the area of the sight of sensor the lights gets on and he gets spotted.
  • LED light is powerful enough to brighten the areas which usually left in darkness and shadows due to its wider range of brightening area.
  • Due to less energy consumption Solar energy stored in battery is enough to keep the light on from dusk till dawn. 
  • Solar energy make it independent of conventional energy and Motion sensor make it intelligent and energy saver device.
  • Less Power consumption due to motion detector. Lights will not stay on all night.
  • Solar powered motion sensor flood lights are not that expensive, works for years, and more importantly there is no need of electric grid for connection.

Where to use them

Solar powered motion sensor flood light are usually used in areas like, parking lots, buildings, walkways, and signage or any security concerned premises.

Using the motion sensor flood light is a bit tricky. You have to be wiser to select the place where you will mount the sensor and where you will place the light. For sure you would like to light up all of your pathways coming to your home on both front and backside. So it will be your first priority.

Moreover number of wall-mounted lights are required all around the house to eliminate or minimize any dark area or potential hiding places like bushes, big plants in the garden for burglars. You can use the motion sensor led lights in around your swimming pools, garden paths, atop fence gates, patio, in large bushes and trees, deck, and stairways. These were just few suggested place however there are other locations as well where you can put your motion sensor lights.

So in any case if it is a blackout in the area, keep in mind that there is the risk of thieves or any crime in the area. It is observed commonly that thieves take advantage of such black outs. When you have the motion sensor setup in your house or in your surroundings, you can sleep in your bed calmly with an assurance that if anyone is sneaking around your house, he will be noticed.

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