health benefits of led lighting


One of the major benefits of LED lighting that is always forgotten; is the series of health benefit that is obtainable with its usage.  Although, LEDs are generally known to be energy efficient and cost saving, what about their capacity to help you sleep right and relieve headaches?  Here, we will share some of its health benefits some that you can have more reasons for LED Lighting.


The major element of halogen and incandescent bulbs is the mercury, which is known to be very poisonous to the health. To reduce the level of damage in the environment and also to those handling it; the bulb must be discarded carefully, and safely. Because of the toxic level of neurotoxin, when broken can affect those within its reach and can be very harmful to children.

The production of LEDs is with zero harmful elements and they are strongly built. Because of it sturdier nature the level of damages is less and this makes it a suitable lighting choice, particularly for children’s bedroom.


One of the best benefits of LEDs is associated with their ability to support natural body clock, this is also known as the circadian rhythm. This is because of it CRI; which is the ability to closely replicate natural light, LEDs are top rated in this aspect. When used tactically around the house it allows you to improve and consolidate your (sleep/wake, day/night) cycle.

The simplest way to explain this is to look at the major color temperature as being warm white (3000k) and cool white (6000k). Cooler white lights are mostly used in offices, bathrooms, and kitchens due to its icier and cleaner tone which stimulate the eyes receptors which are called ipRGCs. This organelle is responsible for the transmissions of signals in the body that create a daytime awareness, this increases the level of your concentration, alertness, and also boost your productivity level.

On the other hand, the warmer white, produce a reddish hue, which creates a warm glow appearance. This color temperature in LEDs is optimized specially to avoid stimulating the eye receptors, as a result, it signals your body that is dark. Because of this rich quality feature, we recommend installing this light in bedrooms and living areas to enhance your sleep.


Some common health challenges that are associated with lighting; are migraines and headaches. The flickering of incandescent bulbs makes it very difficult for the human eyes to perceive correctly. This generates discomfort, exacerbate head issues and also cause eye strain.

This stressful effect tends to make moving objects appear in different motion pace. This is very dangerous to those whose work requires the use of heavy moving machine, as it exposes them to risk that can potentially harm them.

Fortunately, LEDs is glowed on a DC voltage in place of AC, this literally means, they flicker a little or don’t flicker at all. Complete use of LEDs can entirely rid ailment or drastically relieve you from headaches and migraines.


Over time, Halogens and incandescent bulbs have been recorded to cause series of damages to buildings due to the lack of efficiency in eliminating heat waste. The best way to know an old fashion lighting safety hazard bulb is by how hot they get during usage.

What rank LEDs as different from other lighting bulbs; is its modernized heat sinks which is located at the base of the bulb, which is responsible for absorbing most of the heat to one direction. Another reason for its substantial 17-years duration, is its ability to remain cool after a long period of usage.

 The LEDs is a perfect match for you; it will eliminate the danger of burns which makes them very safe to use in children’s bedrooms, and with table lamps that are easily handled by children. It is advisable to handle the LEDs from its diffuser, which happens to be the coolest part.

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