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Lightning session is forthcoming and it will all start with daylight saving time and last throughout the winter. It is a period when lots of businesses and home owners upgrade indoor and outdoor spaces with new long lasting LED lightning and since the session is almost here, we recommend top five(5) commercial LED lightning packs for 2019.


LED tubes are the most sought after because of their versatility. They are easier to retrofit because of their simplicity other than going all the way to purchase a new lightning fixture. LED tubes are available in a different varieties of lengths, variations, color temperatures and many other amazing features to customize your installations. Some LED fit T8, T10 or T12 tube fixtures. There are tubes that works as plug and play but most single-ended or dual-ended tubes can also be installed through a simple ballast bypass. For most applications like garages and warehouses. A standard 4ft tubes are the perfect choices for them: 8ft tubes should go well for larger areas and displays and compact tubes would be ideal for workplaces and kitchens. Apart from the fact that they are versatile, LED tubes are bright and very reliable. They can be used in place of fluorescent and the Same light out put would still be gotten as value.


LED wall packs just as led tube lights is a great choice for both indoors and outdoors installations. They are mostly “no frills “robust outdoor flood lights and can effortlessly be mounted on any kinds of commercial buildings. LED wall peeks are majorly installed for certain security reasons. It is a necessity for businesses especially when it tends to get darker and gloomier during the course of transactions and even after coupled with it’s dusk to claim sensors. It comes in various shapes, sizes and features, just like it’s counter pack, LED tubes. LED rotatable wall packs have panels that can turn independent lightning two areas at a go and you can also request for a shield for certain fixtures in order to meet with some city ordinance requirements for pollution.


It’s always a good idea to choose a LED shoebox for outdoor space needing a brighter and a broader light source, because they are mostly efficient versions of a typical street or parking lot light fixture that can easily be mounted on posts which also comes in a crisp 5000k color temperature. For more energy savings and safety measures: a LED shoebox pole light with a motion sensor is the perfect choice for it. LED shoeboxes perfectly installed in the rightful areas can aid, guide and protect customers and employers and guarantee their safety in a parking lot during darker periods.


This is a top choice for larger indoor areas. Although it depends on your space, a linear or round fixture would do a better job. For warehouses and other spaces with high ceilings, round LED high bay lights will perfectly suit, while a linear high bay fixture is highly recommended for spaces like factories and assembly lines that would need motion sensor capabilities and a higher level of brightness – up to 32,700 lumens. LED UFO high bays lights is another choice with it’s durability and top notch output yet still light weighted and compact.


Fail and winter sports cannot be easily forgotten and it’s so brings to mind, LED stadium and arena lights which are great for soccer fields football stadiums and all kinds of sport centers. They are extremely bright going up to 1000w with 160,000 lumens, built to last with a 45,000-hour lifetime and 1pbb weather proof rating you can stay outside playing safer and even more longer with them rightly installed.

So now that we have these recommendations both for indoor and outdoor LEDS this lightning sessions: gives us a call whenever you have a need to upgrade your space. Do not forget that: for doing so : you get an award winning live support with every single purchase you make. All of these top 5 commercial LED picks comes along with our five (5) year unlimited warranty with option to extend this up to even 10years more extra.

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