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Large spaces, such as factories, warehouses and large stores, have very specific features, which leads to a set of specific requirements when it comes to lighting. These places need powerful lighting sources, which can provide diffuse light on all areas of the space. Because these spaces have a high or medium ceiling, the light source also needs to be powerful enough to illuminate properly, in order to keep the space safe.  LED high bay lights are the best lighting sources for large commercial spaces, as they can solve all the common problems related to this type of space.

LED high bay lights cover all the problems of illuminating a commercial space

LED high bay lights are one of the best types of lighting fixtures for large commercial spaces, because they can solve the main issues related to these spaces. Among the first problems of lighting a large space with a high ceiling is the access to the lights and their power. This means the lighting fixtures need to have a long lifetime and be powerful enough to light the space. Along with space comes the need to use as less energy as possible, especially since many commercial spaces require 24/7 light. Safety is another issue, as powerful, concentrated light beams can create glare, while low intensity light can lead to dark spaces. Both glare and darkness are dangerous for workers, as they turn into trip hazards. LED high bay lights are the most efficient sources of lighting for large commercial spaces, because they can solve all the problems above.

LED lighting for large indoor spaces

There are many advantages of the LED technology, which makes them one of the best lighting fixtures for large spaces. LEDs are able to light up right away, they don’t require warm up time. They are also highly efficient, having a minimal loss of energy. This translates into significant savings, of up to 60%, for indoor large spaces, where the lights are on more than 8 hours per day.

LEDs also have a long lifespan, on average 50000 hours, so you don’t have to invest in replacing the light bulbs frequently. As stated above, large indoor spaces have high or medium ceiling, which require special lifts or staircases to replace a light bulb. Most often, the process of replacing a bulb costs more than the actual bulb. This problem is solved when you have LED lighting fixtures, which have a long lifespan.

Last but not least, you can think of design. There are several types of  LED high bay lights, each one with its own design. You can choose from round lighting fixtures, known as UFO high bay lights, and long, linear lights and wide angled linear lights. Each type of lighting is best for a specific type of space, so you need to identify your needs before you buy your new lights. UFO lights are great for illuminating places that require a beam of light over specific areas. Linear lights are best for indoor spaces with high ceilings, as they provide uniform light.

Identify your needs when it comes to lighting and then invest in LED high bay lights which are going to save you a lot of money on the long term.

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