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Fixtures specifically made for commercial and industrial settings are the most common design for areas with ceiling heights of about 15 feet or more. They’re most often found in warehouses, gymnasiums, and factories, but the UFO high bay light may also be a good choice for retail settings and commercial spaces when ceiling height is slightly lower than 15 feet.

Before the move to LED lighting, most businesses and industrial operations used high-intensity discharge fixtures or fluorescent lighting. Some locations may still be using large, incandescent bulbs, though this has been gradually phased out to achieve better quality illumination.

There are several reasons to change your high-bay lighting to new LED fixtures, but three stand out as key factors for commercial and industrial locations. Take a closer look at each of these, to understand why the UFO high bay light is the best option for your location.

Three Ways to Save

Maintenance Cost – You will save money with light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures, especially in reduction of maintenance costs. Most companies, schools, and government agencies have seen a dramatic reduction in labor costs alone. LED light output may degrade very slowly as time passes, but you won’t have to replace bulbs on a regular basis.

The UFO high bay light will deliver up to 100,000 hours of performance. Some companies have reported saving thousands of dollars in maintenance expense – in the first three years after the switch.

Energy Cost – This is definitely one of the key benefits of installing LED UFO high bay light in your facility. Businesses have reduced energy use by 50% or more, reporting they saved hundreds per fixture, which could add up to an eye-opening change in your bottom line.

If you’re currently using lighting in the 200W to 400W range, you will get more consistent, cost-reducing illumination with these new fixtures. You can even increase savings on energy costs with motion sensors. Most high-quality LED fixtures come with standard five-year warranties.

Overall Performance – With a new UFO high bay light, you’ll immediately see an improvement in light distribution. Surfaces are lit evenly, with no “hot” spots of bright light degrading to dark areas.

Speaking of “hot” you’ll also notice LED lighting really operates at a lower temperature, using almost all of the electrical energy to produce light, and very little to produce heat.

In Conclusion

In more general terms, you’ll find the LED UFO high bay light more durable than traditional lighting. They’re designed to stand up to vibration and bumping without being damaged. You won’t experience flickering, which is one of the problems with classic fluorescent lights. Workspace illumination is very consistent, so people won’t notice any distortion, and won’t be bothered with static buildup.

These three main benefits will be enough to convince business owners and managers it’s time to make the change. Get immediate energy savings, save on maintenance costs, and enjoy improved lighting performance with the LED UFO high bay light. You may be able to receive a 10-year warranty as well, effectively eliminating any worries about your investment in new fixtures.

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