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Brightens your ways and streets with highly customize lights of LED street light!

No matter you are looking to sparkle the narrow or broad streets, this quality light lets you have the gleam of high strength to keep you secure in the odd hours of darkness.

The real excitement of city and glamour does not complete in the absence of ultra bright blaze.

All of you who want plenty of gleaming and dazzling for sound roadways or pathways ought to have the energy-efficient and perfect LEDs.

The extensive application of the street light is precious for the highways, branch roads, factories, gardens, courtyards, and secondary roads. More importantly, for the city squares and main roads, it plays a vital role in keeping you safe and secure when darkness prevails.

Let’s glance over its highlights:

·        Extremely efficient to twinkle all paths

·        Allow maximum energy saving along with environmental protection

·        Modular design with lower wear and tear

·        Contain a high-tech thermal system

·        Durable and long-life

·        Fair price

The wattage of street light

Are you curious to know the adequate wattage of the LED light? Yes, its good to know about the wattage of this peculiar light. For your information, these lights are with mentioned wattage as per your need, and a budget like “39 LED or 100 LED” stands for 39 watts and 100 watts lights, respectively.

What will the be minimum and maximum wattage for street light?

Well, its the salient point to estimate your demand regarding cost. Indeed the LED street lamps are variable in size and consumption of power. It depends on the weather in which you are living. Plus, you require to be with the bright idea where you want to fit these LEDs either for residential purposes or commercial usage.

Precisely speaking, 80 watts is the average wattage for street lightning. However, the lower to highest watt for street light will be 35-250 watt.

Sound and secure light

Powerful beams of light with ample light might indeed damage your eye cells. But for street lights with LED technology, you no need to worry about such harmful effects.

Further, this light is environment-friendly as well as healthy. Its designs with photobiological safety standards of lamps and lamp systems. Resourceful street light is safe when the public is at a ”normal distance” from it.

With the Anti-glare system, it provides balance as well as comfortable lighting in any workplace. To add LEDs are 5-15 times sharper than the old conventional lights.

High-tech thermal system

Led street light composes of a High-tech thermal system to provide you the best lighting environment. More specifically, its modular design extends its service life. You will be happy to know that it will be durable enough to light up for 15-20 years.

 So, save your money and electricity with this LED lighting! How?

Straightforwardly it emits the very little heat as it used to emit radiation in the peculiar direction instead as a recessed down light or task lighting.

More LEDs being the size of a speck of pepper with a mixture of green, red and blue light release the white light.

Final words:

LED street light shines out as red-hot and ultra-bright rays to satisfy you with the massive view from day to day.

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