Outdoor Solar Street Lights

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Before putting outdoor solar street lights under the “microscope” it might be smart to talk about why using solar power is a great idea. When you take a few minutes to educate yourself on the wisdom of solar power for homes and small businesses, you can learn a lot about why businesses and government agencies should use this source to illuminate all their outdoor areas.

Put the words “economic impact” at the top of your list of reasons to make the move to outdoor solar street lights. Every purchase decision, whether it’s for products or services, has an impact on your economic status. These decisions also make a difference in the health and well-being of your community. Think of the difference you’d see if every homeowner and business owner got their electricity from the sun, rather than from fossil-fuel sources like oil and coal.

There would be a period of transition from one source to another, of course. But, in the long run, society would be healthier and you would keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. So, the first reason to consider outdoor solar street lights is economic – we all want to pay less for utilities.


There have been, and still are, incentives for “going solar.” This is true for homeowners because states and the federal government often provide tax credits and deductions for home solar systems. A municipal government or corporation that decides to use outdoor lights may have the best incentive of all – saving money on utility bills.

How? The answer to this question is rather easy: The price of using sunlight is “0.” That’s right, zero. You won’t get a bill from the sun!! Fossil fuels like coal and oil are limited, no matter what you may have read or heard. They are expensive. If you don’t think so, take a look at how utility bills have increased through the years.

There are other reasons to choose outdoor solar street lights: cleaner air, solar-power industry is growing and creating new jobs. All of this adds up to making this lighting option a smart move for any organization or business.

Efficient, Affordable

As for those outdoor solar street lights, specifically, it doesn’t take a “microscope” to see the benefits. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is much more efficient than incandescent or other forms of street lighting. You will save by using the sun to provide power, and you’ll save because more of the energy is converted to light (unlike older technologies which produce a lot of heat).

Your agency or organization will also save on maintenance costs because LED lights last much longer than bulbs using classic technology. Your employees will spend much less time replacing bulbs. In fact, you may not need to replace fixtures or bulbs for years. The rated life of these lights is 100,000 hours. They come with a five-year warranty (standard) and you have the option for a 10-year warranty as well.

When you look closely at outdoor solar street lights, you may wonder why you haven’t made the change before now.

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