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To save the parking area the proper lighting is a great need. Agree? Of course! Its the main entity to keep your ways clear and safe for all the passengers. To own property either for the small or larger business you ought to provide secure and clear markings to increase productivity. For this reason today there is good news for you to lighten the ways with minimum energy consumption, which is only possible through LED parking lot lights.

Brighter light with minimum energy usage

Remarkably it provides you the super bright light as 13000 Lumens even at 5000K daylight. Perk up the lights with improved and efficient 130lm/w. Highly compatible with darker areas with superior efficiency of light distribution these lights brighten the ways effectively.

 Improved lumen package and unique mounting style LED lights secure not only the area irrespective of size and nature; while saving energy consumption too. Other than this, these LEDs are environment-friendly with better sparkling.

With a perfect replacement for 300WHID or HPS lamp by 100W only it makes possible the power saving more than 65% to conventional lamps. Indeed, being innovative in design and technology these parking lights are far better with 100,000 hours of life expectancy. Wow, its performance is 3X better than MH fixtures!

Endless applications

Support you with its wider application yet. Rather you need the best parking lot lights for parking or roadways or campuses these LEDs of 100W serve you the best. Even for car dealerships and other odd areas, these LEDs shine brightly where the reliability and performance of the normal lights are crucial. Thus enhanced and quick brightness is simple with these lights.

Further to save your bills, plenty of visibility during walk or drive or play is possible with LEDs that perform very well to brighten the ways while evenly distributing the light rays. Next with slower degradation of its light spot, its functional life enlarges with other good reasons. In this way, these lights lessen the cost for the maintenance of light fixtures for game areas (volleyball, cricket, etc) and urban road as well as petrol station entrance or exist along with others.

Durability and quality assurance

To meet all your needs these lights are with high-quality making that assure you the long life and risk-free brightness.

The entire die-casting aluminum material with PC design and waterproof rating make such lights- the excellent weather resistant. Moving on, by means of noticeable heat dissipation capacity these special parking lots show you the enhanced performance and safe working. No electric shocks no fire hazard at all! These lights are with years of warranty and certified with standard ETL DLC.

Bottom line:

All in all, now its time to put off the poor quality and vast energy hot lampshades that glare and add to the light pollution. Simply switch old fixtures with improved LED parking lot lights to lighten the areas with highly resistant and sound lightning.

•        These lights are cost-effective with minimum maintenance

•        More bright and sparkling

•        Reliable and long life lights

•        Save electricity power

•        Offer a wider range of application

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