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Thanks to the invention of LED technology, working towards energy efficiency at home no longer has to break the bank for anybody. The last few years have especially seen an increased popularity of the technology, with several homeowners already trusting it better than their traditional lighting schemes for brighter light output at relatively lower cost.

Just a few years ago, we saw recessed lighting take kitchen design to a whole new level, but with regulations been adjusted more recently to limit the manufacture and importation of incandescent bulbs, it now seems that full transformation into a lighting system that is more efficient will happen sooner than a lot of people thought.

Experts say that the transition is presently as easy as it is because of the numerous advantages of LED lighting system over traditional lights and with the New 14W LED recessed retrofit kits showing signs of even more improved technology and perfectly fitting into the existing 5″-6″ recessed housings, it seems the transition will even come faster than was predicted. This kit includes a specially built LED lamp that’s brighter, long lasting and saves more energy.

Track lighting is another type of light that has brought massive improvement to the look and functionality of the 1970s chunky units. Designed to fit in nicely with almost all home décors, the LED track lights from LED shop lights bring a lot of redefinition to home design. It does not just fit into different home designs, but also offers brighter and truer color, while keeping a low profile in the home. Using the new track lighting, homeowners can now specifically highlight different parts of architectural details or art pieces if they want, making it a good step ahead of what the traditional ceiling-mount fixtures offered.

When you think about brightening your home’s basement without passing yourself through the headache of changing or adjusting existing T-bar ceiling structures, you can as well think of the drop-in LED troffers; guess what? You can now shop for a more convenient 1×4 size of it at These amazing lovelies do not only consume less energy than fluorescent tubes, but they also offer up to 70% brighter light, making them highly efficient, even with fewer fixtures installed overall. Finally, homeowners have an option that optimally saves time, energy and money.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Yes, a lot has been done to save move and reduce energy consumption by producing LEDs for indoor usage, but this technology is not just limited to indoor usage. Homeowners are also presented with options that will easily light up walkways, highlight outdoor landscape, create a backdrop that will make your evening enjoyable and even more. The LED wall pack from Shop LED Lights are the perfect lighting fixture for use in exterior walls of home and parking lots. Some models even come with a cutoff glare shield that helps to channel light to the parts where it is needed. This lighting fixtures are also constructed to be able to throw lights to both sides, creating better visibility in walkways and driveways without too much glare. This feature particularly helps to maintain peace with neighbors.

The backyard deck is one important part of the home, considering the level of entertainment that can be gotten there, however, without proper lighting, all entertainments will be limited to daytime, because traditional lights will attract bugs. LED flexible strip lighting, offers the perfect solution for this, because of its flexible strips and ability to fit nicely under top rails. This lights don’t attract bugs like traditional lights do, so you’re guaranteed of perfect lighting while partying all night.

LED decorative sconces offered at are capable of lighting up all directions, highlighting special architectural features around the yard at the same time. This sconces are the perfect lighting fixture for homeowners that are looking to bring some additional style to their walkway lighting without additional energy cost.

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