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LED Lighting and a More Productive Office Leave a comment is the #1 choice to LED lighting on line. Have a look at the impressive inventory of workplace LED lighting and immediately enhance the productivity of your workplace today! 

Updating to LED reduces energy costs, and can boost productivity.   Even a 1 percent increase in productivity may yield extraordinary results.  Before you ask yourself if you can manage to upgrade your offices lighting to LED, you really ought to ask yourself if you can afford not to? 

-Windows, bright walls, and other high-brightness surfaces may Reflect onto computer displays, increasing glare and eye strain.  These surfaces should all have similar brightness to restrict the intensity of reflections on these displays.   

— If the job is primarily screen-based, or extra lighting is provided for paper-based assignments, lowering general lighting levels is the Perfect solution for keeping productivity

Lighting Tips to Boost Productivity LEDs

Have an effect on the physical, physiological, and psychological well-being of workers, improving overall performance and even attendance in the office.  According, to a study conducted by Cornell University, there’s a 3-5% gain in worker productivity using industrial LED lighting.  When Creating a light decision, it is important to consider unique companies have different lighting requirements.  When lowering light levels, it is recommended that employers provide workers with individual task lighting, together with flexible control, so that they could adjust the lighting as they need it.  The ideal lighting for productivity is natural light.  Many companies are taking advantage of natural lighting by opening their facilities up and placing work areas nearer to natural lighting to improve productivity.  Lighting Experts concur that a vast majority of offices in America are overlit.  This causes two problems: too much warmth and a waste of energy and money.  The best method to get around these issues is by consulting a lighting specialist (such as the ones at for advice on appropriate lighting levels as well as the products need to deliver the essential light. 

According to the Lighting research center, daytime-simulation lighting helps enhance cognitive functioning of night-shift workers.  Other research showed:

• Average VDT users lose 62.5 hours at the office annually because of eye pressure

• 80 percent of office workers complain of warmth at least occasionally

According, to a research by the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, the cumulative effects brought on by uncomfortable lighting surroundings produces “significant differences in performance”. 

Lighting is an Integral factor in creating comfort and consistency in a workplace.  Two factors recently have changed light requirements:

More people working together with monitors or VDTs (57 million), and also the new widespread

trend of having an open workplace.  Recent studies have also linked the presence of glare brought on by light reflecting off of screens and to the consumer’s eyes, too many productivity robbing factors such as, heavy eye strain, headaches, discomfort, and fatigue.  This hinders employee performance and induces them to take more breaks out of their computer display. 

All of us, electric bill, but were you aware that LED fixtures can also boost the Productivity of everybody in your workplace?  It’s true, think about it.  We have All had a moment where there has not been enough light and you fight to see What you are working on.  Or Perhaps You work in a desk and the glare from your lights Puts a strain on your eyes which makes it hard to concentrate.

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