LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in Commercial Spaces

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Check out ShopLED Lighting’s full Range of LED high bay lighting fixtures. Installing these fixtures on your warehouse, manufacturing plant or some other commercial space might help cut your costs instantly.  Aside from all of the cost advantages, these lights are hassle-free, as soon as you put in them you won’t need to worry about them .  If you’re interested in upgrading your lighting contact one of our Certified Lighting Specialists now at 800-398-5416, at which we will be able to help you get started on your job by providing free lighting designs and quotations. 

The benefit many warehouse managers find beneficial is that LED High bay lights instantly turn on to full brightness, no flickering or waiting for the lamps to warm up.  They’re also quite durable.  The LEDs at the high bays can withstand a lot more abuse than conventional fluorescent and HID lamps.  These fittings are almost damage-proof, to put it simply, they do not break easily. One unknown, but maybe most significant benefit of LED high bay Fixtures is that they boost productivity. When your workers can see better, they could work better, and finish tasks and jobs faster than before.  If you work in a place where you’re constantly looking at screens, LED High Bays reduce glare, which reduces eye strain — a common cause of headaches and slowed work in several offices.  This enhanced, more uniform lighting has helped several companies increase job performance by 8.34percent and enhance mood score by 33%. 

This leads us to our second benefit, virtually no upkeep. Because you don’t need to be continuously changing lamps out, you spend less on time and supplies.  A LED high bay method requires virtually no maintenance.  This also enhances security, and reducing the number of times a person has to move up and swap out tubes. 

Another benefit of updating your high bay light to LED is The long run. This equates to 11.5 years after you use your high bay 24 hours a day.  Switch this to a standard 8-hour work afternoon, and you’re looking at 30+ years of energy efficient illumination.  Instead of always replacing fluorescent tubes every month or two, install your fixture and don’t be worried about the bulb moving out anytime soon. 

The Main benefit of installing LED high bay lighting is that the reduced Energy usage.  LED high bays use a portion of the energy as their conventional counterparts.  Therefore, even though the upfront cost may be greater, you could see an ROI in as little as a year.  Factor in the rebates offered by electricity providers, and you could see it even faster.  Updating your warehouse lighting to LED could save you 80% on your energy bills. Additionally, LED High Bays emit barely any heating, saving you on cooling costs — up to 20% on A/C costs.  Following a year, these fittings start to cover themselves. The one Major hindrance to some LED upgrade is that LEDs are Expensive.  Although this was accurate, the price of LED fixtures proceeds to fall as producers create increasingly more technological advancements in the area.

The benefits of upgrading to LED much outweigh all worries. 

Well, I’m glad you asked…

Fixtures, they work good, why do I wish them?”  LED large bays with T8 LED tubes provide their own unique Advantages.  With tube LED fixtures you replace whichever tube burns. Each lamp is powered by respective drivers inside the tube letting them run straight from line voltage. T8 LED fixtures also charge less than committed LED high bays.  Both fittings have their unique benefits which can help light your construction and save you money. 

The Significant benefits of a committed LED high bay above a T8 high Bay is the lamp life.  Dedicated high bays provide a lifespan of around, and sometimes exceeding, 100,000 hours — which comes out to nearly 11.5 decades of constant use.  They also produce more lumens than tube fittings, which can be beneficial for bigger spaces with high ceilings which require more light than standard commercial buildings.  Some of these dedicated LED high bay fittings can offer a ridiculous 50,000 lumens.  To put that in perspective, a normal fluorescent high bay fixtures delivers about 15,000 — 20,000 lumens.  If your dedicated high bay goes out, you have to replace the motorist, the LED equivalent of ballast. Many LED drivers are warrantied for five decades but cost more to replace. 

LED high bay lighting fixtures are the LED fixture for Any warehouse, gymnasium, barn, manufacturing area, or storage area.  All these fittings are designed for buildings with mid to high ceilings and supply superior lumen output, perfect for providing efficient light to your large areas.  ShopLEDlights.com includes an Assortment of LED high bay fixtures, available as committed linear LED fittings, or LED fixtures with T8 LED tubes.

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