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Today, there are different sources of green energy, ranging from sun to water and even compost heaps. Sometimes, it can really amaze you how simple and affordable the use of greenhouse energy at home can be, as long as you know where to take off from. Confused? Don’t worry, this article should guide you on how to start properly.

  • Setting your electronics to power-saving mode is one sure way to save extra energy around your house. Power saving mode will massively reduce the energy required by a device to work, allowing you to save out on your electricity bill.
  • Before installing solar panels, it is important to study and understand maintenance. The photovoltaic cells need to be kept as clean as possible. If you are installing the sell on your roof, then this might mean that you would have to climb the roof at least once every month. Hiring someone to handle that aspect may be an easier option.
  • A very cheap and relatively easy way to make your home more energy efficient is by changing all traditional light bulbs to green version. Of course these bulbs reduce energy bills significantly while  bringing higher efficiency to home lighting. They are also designed to last far longer than traditional bulbs.
  • One of the most effective ways of improving green energy efficiency in any home is by installing solar panels. Solar panel is an excellent source of renewable energy, and its installation is even cheap. Additionally, you’ll reduce your level of reliance on fossil fuel and its likes.
  • Wait! There’s a huge possibility that you are presently using wood burning fireplace for reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, but you will still need to shut the flue damper carefully and very tightly when the fire is put out or risk having air escape through the chimney.
  • Having your light bulbs replaced with eco-friendly LED lights will sure be economical for you and it will even bring better functionality. The only perceived disadvantage however is their relatively high cost; but that shouldn’t even be a problem, not when you’re guaranteed to have the bulb last much longer than traditional bulbs, and even save you money by reducing energy usage.
  • Power stripes also come in handy for helping you protect your expensive appliances as well as reduce your energy usage. You don’t need to switch off or unplug every appliance individually when they are not being used; not when you can simply switch off all power strips when you want to leave your home.
  • Purchasing energy efficient appliances will also help you save energy, and of course live a greener lifestyle. Next time you’re buying a new appliance, check and ensure that it has the Energy-Star rating as this feature can help you save energy, reducing your power bill in the long run.

As had been mentioned before, lots of people want to reduce their carbon and positively impact the environment. However, it takes a lot of information to succeed in this. The advice contained in this article should go a long way in helping you.

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