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Canopy Lights: The Perfect Choice for Overhead Lighting in Many Locations Leave a comment

If you want to provide consistent lighting for areas in which the fixtures must be unobtrusive and still deliver sufficient illumination, you might want to consider canopy lights. The idea behind this fixture design is to direct the light onto a walkway, entryway, or another area without installing separate posts and without having fixtures extending into the space.

In the past, you might have used classic incandescent fixtures that extended from the overhead structure, or more recently, you may have provided security with recessed lights that used traditional bulbs. Now, you can deliver comfortable, reliable illumination with light-emitting diode (LED) canopy lights. They’re ceiling-mounted fixtures for general use, whether your setting is a parking garage, a storage area, a walkway in the shopping space, or an entry to your business.

Indoor, Outdoor

This design can be the perfect choice for the convenience store, a service station, restaurant, bank, or almost any other commercial/industrial location. Not only will you benefit from the easy installation, your business will save money thanks to the 100,000-hour lamp life. Homeowners will also find canopy lights an ideal option for porch ceilings and other outdoor applications.

Does your location demand low-profile lighting that will provide outstanding illumination? Choose from several shapes, including both square and circular housings. Slimline canopy lights are perfect for business locations that need unobtrusive fixtures and consistent lighting over a larger area.

Whether you’re planning new construction or working with engineering and maintenance personnel to update your lighting, consider canopy lights designed for all environments, damp or dry. You’ll save on energy costs with the latest LED technology and cut down on maintenance time with easy-to-install surface mounting.

Your Options

The newest LED technology in canopy lights gives you a few voltage options, along with clear lens or frosted lens choices, depending on your specific application. When you work with a trusted provider of high-quality LED fixtures, including canopy lights, your lighting can be installed and used for the long term, with a minimum of worry and maintenance. They’re made with a sealed profile that makes them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

If you are concerned about investing in top-quality lighting, you’ll be happy to hear that the newest LED lights generally come with a five-year warranty (10-year option). LED technology in the 21st century also gives you unmatched energy efficiency, with the vast majority of electrical energy used to produce light. Very little energy is lost to heat, as was the case with classic incandescent bulbs.


Canopy lights get their name from the intended installation overhead. This makes them ideal for covered entryways and exterior walkways. Large areas can be illuminated by fixtures installed above and out of the way, and they still provide the security and safety you need. When more indirect lighting is called for, consider LED lighting in the canopy style.

Talk with your lighting specialist today to discuss specific requirements for your home or business. You’ll be glad you did.  

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