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It’s no secret that how you display your products and the general layout of a store can influence sales. A new study reveals there is one more thing which can influence how your customers behave: the lights. LED shop lights can guide your customers and increase the amount of time they spend in your shop. The more time they spend, the higher the chance of buying and the higher the average spend of each customer. Bottom all, your shop lighting fixtures can boost your sales. Or not, depending on how much attention you’ve given to this detail.

Create an atmosphere

Led shop lights can create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and can direct them to particular parts of the shop. A warm light invites the buyer inside the store, while sharp, cool light enables them to see the products clearly.

A great way to use LED lighting fixtures in a shop is to choose warm, soft light for the entrance and the walkways. Match it with a cooler light for the actual products, which is going to create a great highlight on the merchandise. This simple, yet clever setting of your shop lighting fixtures is going to create a relaxed atmosphere, where the buyer is comfortable and is able to see the products easily, attracting them towards the shelves.

Choose the type of lighting fixtures for the desired effect

There are many types of LED shop lights, from tubes to light cobs and wall mounts. Think what is the image of your brand and choose the lighting fixtures accordingly. For a fashion shop where you sale retro-inspired clothes you can choose a great chandelier or an industrial-looking luminaries which recreate that vintage feeling. This is only one example, but you can be creative and choose several types of LED lights to break the space and create a representative image for your brand.

Temperature of the light

Warm light creates a comfortable atmosphere, inviting customers in your store. Cool temperature also has its own benefits: it can highlight the products and make the space look bigger. A large space can become more inviting when you install warm temperature lighting fixtures, while a small shop can look bigger with cool lights. Cool temperature also creates a sense of modernity, so it can be a great way to represent your brand.

Play with contrasting shop lights

LED shop lights can be used to create contrasts, which are a great way to guide customers. Take advantage of the fact you need to use several lighting fixtures and draw attention to specific parts of the store by creating contrast. Use warm, soft light for the less important areas and match them with cool, bright lights for the products. This will focus the viewer’s eye on the shelves and on individual products. Make sure you use this game of shadows and bright light in the shop’s window as well, to catch the viewer’s attention and attract the customer inside your store.

Lighting fixtures and how you install them can play a big part in your marketing strategy and your overall brand image. Choose the best LED lights and use them creatively, to boost your sales and create an amazing customer experience.

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