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3 Reasons: Why our Outdoor LED Floodlight Fixture is the Brightest? Leave a comment

The answer is simple – because it replicates the sun! The 6000 watt LED is sufficient to produce the same brightness of the sun in specific condition. We also participated in the pseudo sun lighting project by providing 200 sets of 6000 W LED lights.

1. How many power of LED flood light would produce the same brightness of the sun?

The first thing we need to mention is that how to measure brightness? One of the practical methods is to quantify it by “illuminance”, which has the unit of “lux”. The brightness increases with lux. The bright sunlight has around 100,000 lux, while the overcast daylight has about 1500 lux, and the general indoor environment (office, home, lounge, etc.) has around 200 to 400 lux. Then, how many wattages should the flood light bulb has to give out the equivalent brightness of the sun?

According to our measurement, one 1000 watt LED floodlights produces 68,200 lux at 1 m distance; therefore, 2000 watt LED flood light produce the same brightness of sun >100,000 lux in this condition. The brightness will decline when we move away from the light source. The relationship is known as “Inverse Square Law”. If you are interested in getting the illuminance-distance graph and much info of our LED lights, please feel free to fill in our form to approach our engineers.

2. LED vs metal halide – which one is brighter for outdoor use?

For the same power lighting, such as 6000W LED and 6000W metal halide, do you know they have different brightness? Thanks to the higher lumen per watt (energy efficiency) of LED lights, it is around 2.5 to 3 times brighter than metal halide lights. In 2018, our outdoor LED flood light series has 140 lumens per watt. For the outdoor large areas such as football stadium and golf course, we need over 30000 to 50000 watt LEDs, depending on the scale and brightness requirement.

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3. 1000 watt LED floodlight is equivalent to 10,000 watt halogen floodlights

On the contrary, halogen bulbs have the energy efficiency of 14 to 20 lumens per watt, which is 10 times less than LED. Therefore, we can use 1000 watt LED floodlight to replace 10,000 watt halogen lights. The electricity cost is greatly reduced. Contact us today to get the free lighting opinion and price quote for your projects.

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Are the 1000 Watt LED floodlight durable despite its super brightness?

ShopLedlights.com have IP66 LED floodlight waterproof rating that works under 99.9% inclement weather such as rainstorm. Its heat-proof design is also essential for the countries having scorching weather. Thanks to our patented heat dissipation design, our outdoor led floodlight fixtures have 100,000 hours service life. Believe it or not, our lights even work under 100ºC boiling water.

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