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LED Grow Light – COB Series

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ShopLED Lights is a distributor of energy efficient lighting products headquartered Baltimore, Ohio. PatriotLED.com has been a trusted partner in the industry for over 7 years, with hundreds of commercial and residential customers nationwide.

Every successful business has two essential elements in its business plan: outstanding customer service and unmatched quality in every product. In the 21st century, it’s also important to lead the way in E-commerce, for the convenience and service of valued customers.

When you work with our lighting specialists, you open the door to an array of energy-efficient products, backed by a thorough knowledge of incentive programs, both at the federal level and the local level. Make the smart choice and talk with our lighting experts, to discuss the finest in LED fixtures such as LED high bays, LED wall packs, LED troffers, LED bulbs, grow lights, and many more.

With the help of professionals, you can create the correct plan for your property, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial space. They’ll take the time to help you put together a lighting plan, one that will not only make your property look great, but will also provide the safe, comfortable illumination you need.

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Develop your lighting installation, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, with the assistance of certified specialists. It’s a perfect time to change, upgrade, or install new bulbs and fixtures, because you can take advantage of energy-company rebates, an added incentive. When you need to retrofit your current location or create a complete lighting plan for a new site, ask the professionals at ShopLEDlights.com to help.

This is definitely the wise choice for your manufacturing location, your warehouse, or other commercial building. Consider using the highly efficient LED high bays fixtures for those special settings. Talk to an expert today about LED flat panels and troffers options for your conference room or your office. The room will have the excellent look you desire, while you give everyone the consistent, comfortable light they need.

Choosing LED fixtures means you can reduce the glare you experience with classic incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. You may want to discuss fixtures designed specifically for harsh or wet environments. Sealed fixtures with impact-resistant lenses keep moisture and dirt out. You’ll find the lighting you need, and save on energy costs, with ShopLED Lighting.